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Marriage is defined in Merriam Webster as “an intimate or close union.” The union of two people is the most enduring and vital part of human life. It starts with the nerve-wracking first date and culminates in the most idyllic of days – a fairy tale beginning to the best journey of your life.

Jewelry plays an undeniably important role in this adventure.  From the engagement ring to the wedding rings and the gifts for the attendants and parents, jewelry is a permanent reminder of the great love that is shared by the couple and also the family and friends who help them become partners in life.

Choosing the right jeweler who will be a responsible and sensitive guide on this journey is an essential decision.  A close union should also exist between the couple and the jeweler.  The right partner will listen to your needs and provide you with information and choices of the highest quality /price ratio to fit your lifestyle. 

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Engagement Ring

The first of the decisions to be made in the journey.

This decision can be made by the groom alone as a surprise or as a joint decision by both the bride and groom.  In either case, there are some key questions that must be answered:

  • What stone? The traditional diamond or another favorite stone.

  • What precious metal for the setting? Yellow gold, white gold, platinum or palladium?

  • If deciding on diamonds then the 4C’s are the next questions. These are clarity, color, cut and carat weight.  The most important element is cut as it enables the diamond to make the best use of light. The clarity will determine the value for the money. Color is based on the diamond’s ability to reflect colors like prisms and different grades on the color scale are intrinsic to the value of the stone.  Carat weight is how the size of the diamond is measured.  The right combination of the “four C’s” will result in a ring which will best showcase your love in an enduring and elegant way.

Wedding Bands

The next step in the journey, and the central symbol of your pledge during the ceremony. This too, has its own set of questions:

  • Will you have a single or double ring ceremony?

  • What precious metal do you wish to use – 14KT, 18KT yellow or white gold, platinum, palladium or tungsten? (or a combination thereof for custom designs)

  • What design? Wide or narrow bands, etched or not, traditional or custom design? Will the band for the bride be part of a set to match the engagement ring?

  • Engraved or not?

Wedding Party Gifts

These gifts are an integral part of your journey as they serve to thank and remember those who are so significant to you that they are taking active roles in your most special day.

  • To whom should gifts be given?  In most cases, all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are given tokens to show appreciation for their taking part. In many instances, parents are also given a gift to keep the memory of the day in a concrete way.

  • What are appropriate gifts?
    For the bridesmaids, earrings are often the gift of choice – pearls or semi-precious stones to match their attendant’s dresses are an excellent selection.  These may be set in sterling silver, or yellow or white gold.  Bracelets or necklaces are also often chosen.
    For the groomsmen – engraved flasks, cufflinks, tie tacks, pewter glasses or watches (pocket or wrist) can become treasured remembrances of participating in the day.

  • When should the gifts be given?  Standard procedure is to give them the night of the rehearsal dinner, so that the gifts can be used on the wedding day.​

The choice of the jeweler is as essential as the answers to all the above-questions.  A reputable and knowledgeable jeweler like Musselman’s will be your partner on this vital part of the journey leading to the rest of your life. Musselman Jewelers has served the Historic Bethlehem area for the past 80 years. Their goal is to provide top-notch service for their customers in an environment that fosters creativity, honesty, and quality. 

Musselman’s personnel have diamond certification through GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and have training through IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization), the largest jewelry-buying group in the United States. 

We are the jewelers, designers, appraisers and suppliers who have the knowledge and the dedication to ethics and consumer protection required to meet and abide by the exacting standards of these nationwide organizations.  


For the savvy, stylish shoppers who crave sparkle, exceptional quality and great customer-friendly service, Musselman Jewelers has all you need.  Allow us to join you and guide you through your wedding journey.

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