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Five Ways to Figure Out What She or He Wants for Valentine's Day

Even in the world of social media, with status messages on our favorite subjects going out daily, it's still not quite that easy to find exactly what someone wants.

Well, let's be honest, it's pretty hard to find exactly what someone wants without them telling you directly.

But, you want your Valentine's Day gift for your loved one to be a secret surprise, that's nearly 80 percent of the fun, right?

Here are a few tips that may help you figure out just what she may be looking for.

1. Ask His or Her Friends

Your significant other's friends may be the first people she'd go to with her jewelry or gift interests. And, at the very least, they should have some sort of insight into the type of gift she may have had her on on for awhile.

2. Check Her or His Social Media

Hey, we're not advocating creeping all over her every check-in, but if she has shared some items lately on her Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook, you can get an idea of what types of things she may be interested in right now. This can also include things like day-trips, too. It's not always necessarily a tangible item.

3. Start Picking Up on Hints

Yes, we're telling you that you may not be the best at paying attention. Dropping hints is one of the best ways for someone to subtly tell you that they want something. Is she constantly talking about how her old ring isn't fitting like it used to? Hmm, might want to dig a bit deeper.

4. Just Ask

Remember how we said the surprise was a lot of the fun of giving a gift? That's still true, but sometimes giving the right gift is more important. If you're really, truly at a loss, just ask. It may result in the best gift you've ever given.

5. Trust Your Gut

Why not roll the dice? What's better than putting it all on the line? Besides, you've been together long enough, you know what he or she likes, right? Just go with your gut and buy it. Just check to make sure you are fully aware of what the store's return policy is first!

We welcome you to come down to Musselman Jewelers on Main Street in Bethlehem and ask us for advice as well. We can show you some of our favorite pieces from designers from around the world, or even make a custom piece for you.

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