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Why We Love Being a Business On Main Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

It goes without saying that if you spend enough time in Bethlehem PA you will quickly realize what a wonderful city it is and how much it has to offer. From the array of different foods spanning multiple corners of the world to the many events the city puts on throughout the year, to the variety of unique shops along Main Street.

These benefits aren’t just for a traveler walking the street, they are some of the core reasons we love being a business on Main Street.

The restaurants on Main Street span a variety of taste buds; if you’re looking for it they probably have a restaurant for it. Breakfast food at Billy’s Diner, Spanish food at Tapas On Main, Italian food at Mama Nina’s, Irish food at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub, Thai food at Touch Thai, and contemporary food at the Twisted Olive. These are only some of the restaurants; there are over a dozen restaurants within a half-mile stretch of road.

Really anywhere you are on Main Street you are near a wonderful restaurant and can get whatever type of food you’d like to eat, and maybe you get an unexpected treat and stumble along during restaurant week.

Events such as this are not an uncommon occurrence in Bethlehem, especially on historic Main Street. Throughout the year the city has many events attracting thousands of new people to the city.

Now as a business this is beyond ideal. Every few weeks when something is going on in the city, whether it is Musikfest, Celtic Classic, or the Harvest Festival, there is always something exciting and interesting happening right outside our doors. It also brings people into the city, and our business, that never would’ve been there otherwise.

Being on Main Street also allows access to some very unique stores that bring countless different clientele out shopping. Antique stores, custom chocolate shops, handcrafted popcorn, cigars stores, clothing stores, and of course jewelers are all right on the main strip waiting to be discovered.

When people go out shopping they can’t help but explore other shops along their way and it creates a wonderful environment for meeting new people and encourages them to see what the entire city has to offer. More shops lead to more people lead to better businesses flocking to the city, everyone wins in a place like Main Street Bethlehem.

Musselman Jewelers is not only the oldest jeweler in Bethlehem, but also one of its biggest fans! We hope to see you soon!

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